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Ilan Ramon Day School is an independent community Jewish pre school and day school devoted to developing understanding and respect for our tradition, and the divergent modes of Jewish belief and practice. Fundamental to our school philosophy is the development of each individual learner to his/her highest potential in both general academics, and Judaic Studies thereby enabling each student to attain a positive Jewish identification, sound self-esteem, and a love for learning.

Our school is a community in every sense of the word. We teach by example how to respect peoples’ differences, to care for others, and to help those in need. Self esteem, respect, community service, mitzvoth (good deeds) are every bit as important as the challenging academic studies that fill our students’ days. Ilan Ramon Day School, previously known as Heschel West, is a 2008 National Blue Ribbon award winning school. Our students’ scores are in the top 10% of the nation.

Meet Yuri Hronsky


Yuri Hronsky has been working in Jewish education and community all his life. Before becoming Head of School, Yuri served as a classroom teacher and Assistant Principal. Yuri runs the day to day operation of the school, but his enduring focus is continually perfecting that mix of academic excellence and Jewish tradition and culture that makes Ilan Ramon Day School unique.



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All elementary school students utilize the laptops located in the classrooms on a regular basis.  The have weekly lessons from our technology specialist whose lessons are coordinated with the classroom teachers to ensure that they are meaningful and contribute to the lesson plan for the week. Each unit is carefully constructed with a focus on creativity and critical thinking. Students learn how technology can be utilized as a powerful tool in their education and beyond. These foundational skills are critical as students move on to middle school and beyond.

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