Core Values


The Conejo Valley represents one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in the United States. Ilan Ramon Day Schools’ vision is to be one of the key centers of Jewish life in our community, serving students from all segments of the Jewish community and fostering a sense of responsibility for one another. We demonstrate consistent leadership by offering outstanding educational programs to students in Grades E2 – 5th grade and are committed to developing a vibrant Jewish community in the Conejo Valley. Ilan Ramon Day School also engages and nurtures the individual families of our students through programs that augment and complement the in-classroom education of our students.



Ilan Ramon Day School strives to develop competent, independent and resourceful students and instills in those students a strong Jewish identity and lifelong commitment to learning. Ilan Ramon teaches high ethical standards and a respect for, and pride in, our heritage, and our country. We encourage cooperation and learning among individual students and between each student and his family and community.

Ilan Ramon Day School is committed to tikun olam (repairing our world). We forge relationships to meet the needs of our community – locally, in Israel and elsewhere. We bring meaning to the values we teach our students by fostering a personal connection through direct participation in tzedakah (charity and righteousness). Our vision is to develop students and families of character – who make a difference in the world, through both awareness and actions.



Ilan Ramon Day School provides an individualized, experiential curricular program that emphasizes the development of critical thinking, problem solving and creative self-expression reaching far beyond basic skills. Individual attention to the needs of each student is a cornerstone of our teaching philosophy.

Our curriculum incorporates both general and Jewish subjects and is focused on “learning by doing,” including out-of-school experiences such as field trips and maximizing our students’ natural inclination towards inquiry and exploration. Our general studies program provides for proficiency in mathematics, the sciences, social studies, technology and the arts as key parts of a child’s education. Our Judaic content develops competencies in Hebrew language and the Torah and other Jewish texts and fosters in each student a personal connection to G-d, our heritage and holidays, and the people of Israel.


Critical Thinking

At Ilan Ramon Day School our staff members not only teach logic but encourage investigation and inquiry as a means of fostering critical thinking. We develop students who are independent thinkers and discriminating information seekers. As educators we seek to teach self-confidence, good judgment and perseverance as key components of problem solving. Our students develop the skills necessary to decipher, substantiate and analyze data and to form responsible opinions based on information from an ever-growing well of sources. Our integrated curriculum provides additional opportunities to foster critical thinking skills through interdisciplinary connections.



Ilan Ramon Day School instructors espouse creative thinking and invention in every school subject. We teach fine arts, music and the performing arts and challenge our students to build individuality by employing creative solutions to problems in all disciplines.

It is our role as educators to recognize and cultivate the talents and gifts innate in each of our students using many modalities of art expression – painting, sculpting, drama and music. Students develop their own concepts of beauty and aesthetics and extend their visual and creative frames of reference.



Ilan Ramon Day School is dedicated to the continuity of the Jewish people, teaching the past and providing our students with a strong connection to the future and to the land and people of Israel. We strive to develop Jewish students who will accept this continuity as a personal lifelong mission.

We support these efforts with continuity within our institution. We recruit talented teachers and staff and seek to retain them. We are governed by a board of directors which ensures the school’s fiscal and spiritual integrity. Finally, we seek through curriculum to continuously build on a student’s cumulative knowledge from E2 through 5th grade to instill these values over time. Continuity is supported as well by the involvement of parents and other family members in our students’ education.