Our New Logo

The new logo of Ilan Ramon Day School helps to illustrate our mission.  The shape of a circle or sphere is designed to look playful or contemplative, as well as share a vision of endless possibilities.  A circle with no beginning or end appears limitless, just as our world is also limitless and filled with undiscovered potential.  The goal of Ilan Ramon Day School is to help every student seek that undiscovered potential in themself and strive for greatness.

You will also notice that amongst all of the stars there is one Star of David.   When Ilan Ramon became the first Israeli astronaut, this received special recognition from NASA. For each crew aboard the shuttle, NASA creates a special patch to adorn the uniform.  On the NASA patch is a small cluster of stars, each star representing one of the astronauts on board. In honor of Ilan Ramon they changed one of these five-point stars to a Star of David.  We want our logo at Ilan Ramon Day School to commemorate that gesture by NASA and the memory of Ilan Ramon.  Below is a copy of the NASA patch worn by Ilan Ramon and the entire STS-107 shuttle crew.

Our new logo was designed by Glyphix