In Grades TK and K, the classroom teacher and/or a science specialist present directed science lessons. A specialist presents formal science lessons weekly in Grades 1-3 and twice a week in Grades 4 and 5. Teachers in Grades TK through 5 integrate science into other content areas and provide science-related centers for reinforcement in both the reading and mathematics periods. Elementary students are also involved in science-related field trips such as museums, tide pools, and overnight class trips with an integrated science component. Elementary science is also enriched by computer-enhanced science instruction and “Multi-Interest Day” activities related to science.

Formal science coursework is aligned with the State of California Framework and Standards. Strategies used during science instruction include inquiry, experimentation, problem solving, and emphasis on hands-on projects.

At each grade level science is integrated with Judaic Studies to provide a multi-dimensional perspective of health and scientific ethics.

Acquisition of scientific competencies is assessed in a variety of ways. Informally, students are observed as to their classroom participation and understanding of discussions. Hands-on projects make up a large part of scientific assessment, as they help students relate science to the world around them. Formal assessment includes multiple choice, short answer, and essay tests and written analysis.