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Coach Mark's Minutes

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students of Ilan Ramon Day School,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I would like to encourage you and your student to continue with Physical Education at home in order to keep healthy and happy minds and bodies. I have established a few goals to ensure that your child will have an excellent distance learning Physical Education experience. As part of your child’s PE program, I hope that the activities created will provide:

  • ❖  Cardiovascular (heart) health and muscular strength through dynamic activity.
  • ❖  Physical and emotional health during participation in individual activities (or cooperative, if done
    with other family members).
  • ❖  Self-esteem building through responsible behavior, cooperation and competition.
  • ❖  Coordination, sports skills, and lifetime activities.

My goal is to continue to develop a positive attitude about lifetime physical fitness and health. Units and lessons are carefully planned so that each child experiences a developmentally appropriate physical education. Aside from planned lessons, I encourage you and your child to participate in physical activity together, whether it be taking short walks or bike rides together in non-crowded areas, playing a game like jump rope or catch in the backyard, or trying a GoNoodle video in the comfort of your living room.

For PE, your child’s responsibilities will be:

  • ❖  Participation – Always does their best and listens attentively to directions given by me or by the parent.
  • ❖  Effort – Plays or participates to the best of their ability each day!
  • ❖  Consistency – Make physical activity a part of their day, everyday!
  • ❖  Dress – Wears appropriate clothing for activity and exercise.
    I hope you will find the lessons and activities posted helpful to maintaining a healthy and happy child. Please take care, stay safe and healthy, and we hope to see all of our students, back on campus, soon.

Strong Like Popeye

For maximum perspiration, workout in your garage with doors closed and dryer running.

5 Quick Exercises


Core Values

Leg Day

Luck of the Dice!

Grab A Ball!

Quick Circuits and Sprints

Line Exercises

Circuit Training

Animal Kingdom


Arms and Shoulders

Circuit Training

Strengthen you Abs!

Coach Mark's Minutes - Leg Day

Day #7 - Tap Into your inner being!

Day #6 - Recommended songs to workout to include “Jump” by Van Halen and “Jump Around” by House of Pain.  Enjoy! 

Day #5 - Have a Ball

Day #4 - Speed, agility, quickness is today’s theme.

Day #3

Day #2

Day #1

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