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Elementary School

Ilan Ramon Day School is an independent, community day school serving families from all branches of Judaism. The Elementary School consists of Kindergarten to 5th grade. Ilan Ramon Day School can best be described as a combination of academic orientation, giving students the ultimate balance in learning. The program is driven by a need to determine goals, objectives and extra-curricular activities that best serve to develop a self-motivated, inquisitive, independent and resourceful learner. 

Curricular goals and developmental objectives provide a foundation for the students’ mastery of fundamental skills and conceptual learning.

According to our School philosophy, Ilan Ramon Day School is dedicated to the development of competent, independent and resourceful students with a lifelong commitment to Judaism and to learning. The Ilan Ramon Day School philosophy emphasizes values. We are guided by democratic principles and by a rich Jewish heritage that has supported Jewish living through the centuries. As evidenced by the ethos of our School and by the attitudes and behaviors or our students, we have been highly successful in creating a school environment that reflects the values we profess.

At Ilan Ramon Day School, we seek to foster self-confidence, motivation, and social responsibility toward the Jewish community and the community at large. We seek to develop students who are problem solvers, capable of weighing both sides of a situation, along with a sense of personal empowerment that challenges students to repair the world (Tikun Olam).

The school’s goal is to develop students who are academically and emotionally prepared for, and committed to, lifelong learning. We look to our students’ performance in middle school and beyond to evaluate our success. Virtually all Ilan Ramon Day School graduates applying to private, competitive high schools gain admission and routinely enroll in advanced placement, honors, or academically enriched classrooms." 

The school is staffed with credentialed teachers as well as specialists in music, art, science, physical education, drama, dance, computer technology, enrichment and remediation. Judaic Studies teachers and Hebrew language specialists provide our students with a well-balanced Jewish education. In addition, all of our teachers integrate, as much as possible, general and Judaic studies. Associate teachers reduce the pupil/teacher ratio in the classrooms. All teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR, including pediatric-specific CPR. Curricular goals and developmental objectives provide a framework for the students’ mastery of fundamental skills as a conduit to conceptual learning in the various disciplines.

It is our goal to develop a self-motivated, inquisitive, independent, resourceful, lifelong learner.

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