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Entering 5th Grade

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to this next “chapter” of your life--fifth grade! Students and adults often ask how to prepare for it. The best thing you can do is READ! In between all your fun summer activities, or at the end of a busy day, settle in with a good book. We believe in giving students as much choice and opportunity as possible in discovering new books. Research shows that when children get to select their own books, they are not only better able to find something at their independent reading level, but are also more interested and invested in reading, in general. Attached you will find some books that are recommended for fifth grade and I am happy to recommend more if you would like over the summer.

Please be sure to NOT read the following books as they may be part of our class novel studies next year: A Wrinkle in Time, Restart, All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook, Sign on the Beaver, Circus Mirandus, Fortunately, the Milk, No Talking

For our summer reading, we are going to play BINGO!!! If you complete a “blackout” (meaning you fill in the whole board) you will get a prize the first week of school! All you have to do is complete the reading task in each of the boxes and have an adult initial them. You should read at least 20 minutes for each box. Bring in your BINGO board on the first day of school and one of the books, plays, or magazines you read, so you can take part in a Book Chat. A Book Chat is where you’ll share your thoughts on what you read, make connections between texts, and make recommendations to friends. Fill out the attached questionnaire to help you remember what you read and some other questions to help you explore your reading. You only need to fill it out for one text.


1. The Los Angeles Public Library also has a summer reading challenge where you log your books and do some fun activities to get to win free books and prizes! (I did it last year along with my whole family!)

Here are some other great websites if you are looking for some additional activities and games for your student to do over the summer:

  1. - This site has a variety of games and activities for kids to do to reflect on books and practice writing. 
  2. - A great list of apps (some free, some paid) to practice writing.
  3. - A whole list of ideas for summer break including links for blogging, geocaching, gardening, and DIY projects.
  4. - Listen to podcasts about new topics. Great for car rides!

Happy summer reading!

Erica Pochios-Woelflein

Entering 5th Grade Reading Assignment


Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Mazel Tov to your children and your families on a wonderful year!  In our parent conferences, many of you requested summer work and so I’ve created the attached calendar.  You can always go to KhanAcademy or as well.

Summer is a wonderful time to relax and be with family; however, it can also be a time where a student may loose up to 30% of their learnings from the prior year.  

Because of that statistic, I have assembled a couple resources for you.

1. A reference sheet for you entitled “Ways to Engage in Math” that reminds you how to bring math problems into your regular daily schedule.

2. A list of websites for fun math games: 


3. A quick refrigerator monthly calendar of math problems that can help your child retain more of the knowledge they worked so hard to attain.  Consisting of 3 months of calendars, each day there are one to three math problems or a reference to the attached worksheet problems (problems I couldn't fit in a calendar).  You may choose to do as many or as few problems as you are able to; however, I wanted your child to have this resource at their fingertips.

These materials are completely voluntary and do not need to be returned in August.   As your children have downtime, these resources may help you ensure they are working on productive materials during their summertime.  

I look forward to all of your children’s summer stories and watching them grow and flourish again in the next school year!

Have a journey-filled summer,


Entering 5th Grade Math Packet

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