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General Studies

Ilan Ramon Day School students are introduced to a comprehensive range of subjects, including reading, oral and written language; social studies; mathematics; science; computer science; Judaic studies; Hebrew; physical education; art; music; and dance. Social studies serve as the core through which all disciplines are integrated. A variety of instructional strategies including directed lessons, cooperative learning, learning centers, and computer skills, occurring in a differentiated format, offer numerous activities for exploration and discovery, encouraging students to work at their own pace while developing decision making skills, independence and responsibility.

At Ilan Ramon Day School, the world is a classroom. Field trips enhance subject area studies and serve as a primary source for information and research.

Ilan Ramon Day School provides an integrated secular and Judaic program. Our comprehensive curriculum develops competent, self-directed and resourceful learners. Recognizing that students differ widely in abilities, learning styles, interests and motivation, we provide a team of two or more teachers in each classroom to meet divergent needs. A team of outstanding professional administrators who supervise a dynamic and experienced faculty of credentialed educators direct our transitional kindergarten through fifth grade.

General and Judaic studies are integrated to facilitate the student’s awareness of how the secular world may be viewed through the prism of Jewish tradition. Our students develop understanding and appreciation for the diversity that exists within the Jewish community as well as in the range of cultures within our world at large.

Ilan Ramon Day School students develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and creative self-expression through an integrated secular and Judaic program. Through instruction in the Hebrew language, Bible, rabbinic texts, history, prayer, and holidays, Ilan Ramon Day School provides an enriched Jewish experience. Our students learn how to learn and how to live together with others. They complete the elementary program with inquisitive minds and compassionate hearts ready to actively enter middle school.

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