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Judaic Studies

Developing a self-image and Jewish identity in each student is fundamental to our school’s philosophy. Integral to the Judaic program is the development of competencies in Hebrew language as well as the study of traditional texts (Bible, Mishna, Midrash, commentaries) and liturgy. The curriculum contributes to each student’s personal fulfillment and promotes active participation in the life of the community as passionate and committed Jews. Deepening moral and democratic consciousness, we seek to transmit a sense of community based on humanistic and Jewish values. Encouraging students to reach beyond the self to help others is a cornerstone of Ilan Ramon Day School’s philosophy. Making a difference in the world is derived from actions based on the education of both the heart and the mind.

Hebrew language development and Judaica are graded independently using the same criteria. In Hebrew language there are annual formative and summative evaluations of decoding, comprehension, and speaking competencies in Grades 3-5. These evaluations are conducted by the Hebrew curriculum director. Utilizing the techniques developed by the Modern Language Association, Ilan Ramon Day School educators assess speaking competencies through interviews. Teachers were trained in administering this evaluation by Dr. Jules Mandel, former supervisor of foreign language instruction for Los Angeles City Schools.

Our Bible curriculum has its own end-of-the-year evaluation tool that is included in the curriculum binders for each grade level. Beginning in the third grade, there is an annual summative evaluation of skills and concepts in the areas of prayer and Bible. These evaluations assess knowledge, the ability to meet performance objectives, and the ability to apply critical and analytical thinking skills to classical texts.


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