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Language Arts

Ilan Ramon Day School’s reading program stresses the development of literal, inferential, analytical and evaluative comprehension skills. Implicit in the attainment of these goals is growth and development in the following areas:

  • multi-sensory readiness
  • decoding, phonics, and structural analysis
  • critical thinking and inferential reading (comprehension) skills
  • vocabulary development
  • reference skills
  • literature
  • reading for daily life

Approximately 1-2 hours per day are allocated to reading instruction and language arts. However, reading and writing skills are supported during the instruction of all content disciplines.

General studies and Judaic subjects are integrated throughout our language arts curriculum. Often times students will write about a Jewish holiday, using the skills that they are learning or have learned in reading and language arts. In addition, themes, such as “spring time,” are threaded throughout the program, both in general and Judaic Studies. Students might write poems and stories about spring and then read their original works at the Passover Seder.

The emphasis placed on fundamentals in reading and language arts is articulated in a developmental skills sequence for each area. The instruction of reading fundamentals is paired with the presentation of a variety of literacy genres including classic, current, and multi-cultural selections. Students study these works through discussion in literary circles, whole class activities, small group readings and presentations, individual projects, Socratic dialogues, and research.

High expectations for written work are maintained across all content disciplines. The development of excellence in all areas of literacy is essential if students are to effectively communicate as active participants in society.


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