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Music & Dance

Music is a primary expression of the human experience throughout the world’s cultures. The music program, in keeping with our multi-cultural orientation, exposes the student to the history, rhythms, and melodies of the Western classical tradition, to American folk music, and to music of world cultures. The performing arts, including song, dance, instrumental ensemble classes, and drama, are an integral part of the music program.

Students benefit from the music experience by developing listening skills, moving to music, singing, and playing simple percussion and melody instruments, as well as those in the Orff Schulwerk program. Throughout the grades, students demonstrate self-expression through creative music and song. Familiarity with classical and contemporary orchestral selections, composers’ contributions, and various musical styles from world cultures, enlighten the students’ understanding and appreciation of music.

Music instruction occurs two times per week under the direction of a music specialist. In addition, a Judaic music specialist provides a wide spectrum of Judaic music instruction. This includes exposure to Yiddish and Hebrew music in both modern and folk styles. Classroom teachers are also responsible for providing additional music in their program.

The dance program is taught by a specialist who leads the students through activities and dances highlighting diverse types of body movement, folk dances that support the curriculum, and activities which foster creative expression. At each grade level there is an emphasis on individual expression, as well as group dynamics. The following elements are stressed in creative movement: body image, movement qualities, and rhythmic interpretation. In the area of folk dance, dances of various ethnic groups and nations are taught. The classroom teacher also integrates art, music, and drama within the subject areas.

Our drama program includes an annual show featuring music, dance, staging, and characterization. In addition, individual classes stage events tied to a particular subject matter, such as pioneer days, life in the Shtetl, and a dramatization of Jewish Holiday themes.

Enjoy a performance by our Orchestra during our 2013 annual Art Walk / End of the Year Celebration of the Arts.



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