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    Fifteen Years Later - Honoring Ilan Ramon's Legacy

    It is hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since the Jewish world experienced such enormous pride as Ilan Ramon and six other astronauts rocketed into space on January 16, 2003. It is equally hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since they perished on February 1, 2003, 16 minutes before landing at the Kennedy Space Center.Having our school named after Ilan Ramon is an acknowledgment and a responsibility to Ilan Ramon’s legacy. The work that is done at our School is abou...  Read More...

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    A Shabbat Mitzvah

    In honor of Ilan Ramon and in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Columbia Space Shuttle mission, Ilan Ramon Day School participated in the chesed project of decorating Shabbat kits for Jewish patients in the hospital. Thank you to #JeremieBraun and #shabbatkits for this amazing and meaningful opportunity for our students.      Read More...

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    What do academics look like at IRDS?

    The definition of the word ‘Foundation’ in the dictionary says: A structure that supports something from underneath. IRDS takes pride in the strong and very rich academic program and the community feel. IRDS stands out in its bond with nature, and is known for special events and holiday celebrations. The educational goal and philosophy of IRDS is to prepare students for the rapidly changing world around them; making sure to equip them with the right tools, the grit, the resilien...  Read More...

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    A Glimpse of Shabbat at IRDS

    When our families are asked why they love Ilan Ramon Day School, they overwhelmingly answer that above all else, they love our sense of community. Our magic, what sets our school apart, is that feeling that the children, parents, teachers and administration have for each other and for IRDS.While we have so many amazing moments during our academic week, one very special one, one that everyone looks forward to is our Shabbat celebrations. Bringing our students, teachers, parents, and grandparents ...  Read More...

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    The Hour of Code 2017

    Dear Parents,Last year, all K-5 students participated in the Hour of Code, a week dedicated to promoting the importance of learning to code. Code is a set of instructions or rules that computers can understand. Coding makes it possible for us to develop software, apps and websites.   Read More...

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    What could be more American than Thanksgiving?

    What could be more American than Thanksgiving? This is certainly an American holiday, but is it Jewish?Thanksgiving was first celebrated in America in 1621 by American pilgrims who wanted to show thanks for their harvest. During the American Revolution, the First Continental Congress proposed making Thanksgiving a national holiday, and many who were sympathetic to the revolution began to celebrate it.   Read More...

  • Why Support Ilan Ramon Day School and Jewish Education

    Why Support Ilan Ramon Day School and Jewish Education As we return from the chagim and settle into the next phase of the school year we turn our attention to some very important fundraising in our School. All Jewish Day Schools, all private schools, and even many public schools take on an annual giving campaign. In a few days you will receive a letter asking you to participate in this year’s campaign, and to give to the school.Why make a gift to Ilan Ramon Day School?   Read More...

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    Yom Kippur - A Memorable Learning Experience

    Dear IRDS families,“People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” (Maya Angelou)Judaism teaches that when we hurt one person, three parties are injured: the one we offended, G-d, and ourselves. We must ask forgiveness from all three, but in a specific order. We must start with the one we offended, then ask for G-d’s forgiveness; only then can we seek forgiveness from ourselves.   Read More...

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    Shana Tova from Ilan Ramon Day School


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    Rosh Hashanah Cards.... Where did they come from?

    Dear IRDS families,It is that time of year again, “The Chagim” – The High Holy Days, which call for a fresh start, deep self-reflection and lots of time to spend with the people we care about. Speaking of the people who surround us, one of the customs during this time of year is to send L’Shana Tova cards to the people in our community.The origins of this custom date back to the 14th century Ashkenazi Jewish community in Germany. The Talmudist authority, Maharil (Yaakov Ben Moshe Levi Moelin), a...  Read More...

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