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    Thanksgiving Mitzvah Day 2016

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to give a little of ourselves to others in need.  Next Tuesday, November 22, after we celebrate Thanksgiving with song and dance, the students in the elementary school will continue our tradition by undertaking three very important mitzvah projects as a means of giving back.  This year at IRDS, we have adopted the following projects: Our students will be writing letters to currently deployed Jewish American troops stationed overseas through the organiza...  Read More...

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    Democracy In Action

    Tomorrow at Ilan Ramon Day School the democratic process will take hold, as our elementary school will elect the student council for this year. Students in the fifth grade will stand up in front of their peers, share their thoughts about how they can affect change in our school, and ask their fellow students to vote for them. In two weeks we as a country will do the same, an essential moment for all of us to model for our children what it means to live in a country where democracy is alive and e...  Read More...

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    The Sweet Taste of Rosh Hashanah at IRDS

    Enjoy a sweet taste of Rosh Hashanah at Ilan Ramon Day School.   Read More...

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    Rosh Hashanah

    Rosh Ha’Shana The Book of Genesis tells us that God, after working for six days, completing the heavens and the earth and all that was in them, looked at the brand new world and declared: “It was very good” והנה טוב מאוד (Genesis, 1:31). Actually, in tradition, Creation began several days before Rosh Ha’Shana, but it was on this day, the first of Tishrei, that God created Adam and Eve. The Torah’s words can be understood as both a ...  Read More...

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    The Sound of the Shofar

    This year we have been very fortunate that we are in school for the entire month of Elul; the month leading into the High Holy Days and the month known as a time to prepare our minds and souls to ask for forgiveness. Elul is a month of reflection and emotional preparation for the New Year, and the sound of the shofar is meant to stir our souls in anticipation of the High Holy Days.Every morning at Ilan Ramon Day School, the students gather on the yard waiting to hear the sound of the shofarot, b...  Read More...

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    Shabbat Shalom Ilan Ramon Day School

    Dear IRDS Parents, This week at IRDS has been both heart wrenching and heart warming. The depth of pain and sorrow we feel at the tragic loss of Gidi has been layered with such incredible compassion, kindness and love from our beautiful community.  As Rabbi Camras said on Wednesday night, we truly are a Kehilah Kedosha, a Holy Community.We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of the empathy and support you've shared with all of us, our teachers, and our community.   Read More...

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    ECE Teacher Wins Smotrich Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education

    We are beyond excited to announce that our very own Gina Socher will be accepting this year’s Smotrich Family Foundation Award of Merit for Early Childhood Educators at the BJE (Builders of Jewish Education) Bebe Feuerstein Simon Early Childhood Institute on March 14th. This conference is where hundreds of local ECE teachers gather annually for a day of learning, skill building and professional growth. It is especially fitting that the theme for this year is “The Whole Child—Heart, Mind and Body...  Read More...

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    The Robots Are Back!

    The buzzword in education today is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). At IRDS, we don’t just talk about STEM -- we do it! The Robots are back again this year and we are so excited to be continuing our program this year.   Read More...

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    Parent Workshop - Heart Health Month

    Join us as we welcome Dr. Heather Shenkman to Ilan Ramon Day School on Tuesday, February 16 in recognition of Heart Health Month.  Dr.   Read More...

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    TK'rs Become Real Scientists In the Lab

    The TK class joined their 5th grade buddies in the science lab today for experiments involving candy hearts.  After learning how to safely work in the lab, the children conducted an experiment to see which liquid would dissolve a candy heart the fastest: water, lemon juice, vegetable oil, or vinegar.  First, the children made predictions.   Read More...

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