Faculty and Staff


Our staff and faculty are central to implementing the mission of our school. All members of the faculty are experienced certified teachers and are passionate about teaching and learning. They are skilled in teaching students at each particular stage of development and encouraging each child to reach his or her full potential. At each grade level, teachers and specialists plan enriching and challenging activities, and our staff works collaboratively to ensure success for every student.


Dalit Argil Teacher, Judaic Music

Niva Baum Assistant Teacher, E2

Mimi Cohen Teacher, Hebrew / Judaic Studies

Joanna Cooper Teacher, 2nd

Ofra Davis Assistant Teacher, Hebrew

Amy Dunn, Resource  Specialist

Linda Elliot, Teacher, 3rd

Amy Front, Associate Teacher, 2nd

Andrew Germain, Music Specialist

Leora Hettena, Teacher E2

Nirit Hetz, Teacher, Hebrew

Melanie Katzner, Art

Sarite Konier Teacher, 5th

Andrea Kuehnert, Teacher E3

Karen Lepp Teacher, 1st

Ilana Libesman Teacher, Hebrew / Judaic Studies

Jill Miller Technology Specialist

Margie Monroe Teacher, TK

Kim Mordoh, Teacher E3

Sharon Ron Teacher, Hebrew / Judaic Studies

Kimberly Shapiro, Assistant Teacher, Kdg

Adam Snyder Teacher, 4th

Gina Socher Teacher, TK

Mark Tietjen Physical Education Specialist

Welner Trujillo Assistant Teacher, TK

Ron Vandor Math & Science Specialist

Lynne Wahl Teacher, Kindergarten

Sigalit Weiss, Assistant Teacher, E3

Jessica Zuckerman, Associate Teacher, 1st


Office & Support Staff

Roger Friedman Information Technology Director

Sherrell Brantley Office Manager

Elias Ruiz Plant Manager