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Talking About School With Your Children

Research demonstrates that one of the ways to support your child’s education is to talk with them about their day. Your child spends anywhere from 4 to 7.5 hours a day at Ilan Ramon Day School, and engaging them in conversation is so important.However, for many of us this is challenging, as your child may not offer up enough information for a meaningful conversation to occur. For many of us, when we pick up our child we ask, “How was school today?” and quickly realize that the answers, “fine or good”, tell us nothing about their day. More importantly, this does not offer an easy avenue to continue the conversation.

I would encourage us to try a different line of questioning which can foster conversations that inspire your child to give you a more detailed picture of their day. For example:

What is the coolest thing that happened today atschool?
What made you laugh today?
What was the most creative thing you did?

What did you play with? Build with?
What was one thing you did not know before going to school today that you know now?
How were you kind or helpful today?
Who was kind or helpful to you?

It is important for you and your child to talk about things that take place in their lives, to share in their excitement for learning and questioning, and for them to debrief encounters with teachers and friends.

Engage with them about what they have brought home from school, talk with them about a book or story they heard or read inclass, or have them share a specific lesson or activity that they want to learn more about. Opening this communication with your child will foster meaningful conversations, additional learning opportunities and enrichment for your family, and create essential dialogue in the home.

I wish for all of us a wonderful year ahead filled with meaningful engagement with our children.


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