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TK'rs Become Real Scientists In the Lab

The TK class joined their 5th grade buddies in the science lab today for experiments involving candy hearts.  After learning how to safely work in the lab, the children conducted an experiment to see which liquid would dissolve a candy heart the fastest: water, lemon juice, vegetable oil, or vinegar.  First, the children made predictions. Then, we dropped candy hearts into each liquid to see which would break down fastest. Most TK scientists agreed: lemon juice  works the fastest. Why? Because it is acidic and acids help break down foods in our saliva and in our stomachs. While we were at it, we noticed that candy hearts sink to the bottom in all the liquids. We wondered: could we make them float? We found that when we added Alka-Seltzer tablets to the liquid, the bubbles could pick up the hearts and raise them to the top of the cup!  All in all, a fun and  informative lesson in the science lab, with help from our 5th graders.



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