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Why Support Ilan Ramon Day School and Jewish Education

As we return from the chagim and settle into the next phase of the school year, we turn our attention to some very important fundraising in our School. Each year I am asked by so many why give, why do I need to support the Annual Giving Campaign. While it is true that all Jewish Day Schools, all private schools, and even most public schools take on an annual giving campaign, that is not the reason why you should give. As you make your decision on how to participate, I ask you to consider the following reasons why Jewish education is so crucial and why it is important that each of you support our annual campaign:

  •  Ilan Ramon Day School helps create a viable and vibrant Jewish future.
  •  Jewish Day School education is one of the single highest indicators of future Jewish involvement. An annual campaign is not only about this year, it is all about all the years that follow and ensuring that we continue doing our sacred work.
  • Because Israel needs a strong Diaspora community and the mission of Ilan Ramon Day School is to support both Israel and a committed Jewish population. We are educating the future of the Jewish people and in turn the future leadership that will help to ensure a vibrant and thriving Israel and American Jewish Community.
  • Ilan Ramon Day School has a “trickle-up” effect on Jewish families, strengthening identity and involvement. This leads to more-involved, committed families and communities.
  • Ilan Ramon Day School trains future leaders. Our school empowers our future community leaders. In all denominations, and throughout the Jewish world, we need leaders who are educated, as well as passionate, creative and effective. While a Jewish Day School education is not a requirement, so many of our leaders are rooted in the solid foundation and continuous inspiration that a day school education provides.
  • In the unfortunate anti-Semitic world climate we are now living, Ilan Ramon Day School can provide our children with a profound understanding of Jewish history, including seminal 20th Century events and the Holocaust. Without an understanding of who we are, and where we come from, how can we respond to anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist attacks? It is the responsibility of the Jewish community of today to ensure vibrant Jewish communities for the future.
  • Ilan Ramon Day School transmits a rich, 5,000 year old history and culture to the next generation.
  • Because our school needs your support. Tuition alone does not cover the costs of the diverse and very rich education your children are receiving here each and every day. Your gift helps support the growth of our program, staff development, new educational initiatives and so much more.
  • Our School provides our children with the rich background and self-knowledge to compete in a multi-cultural, global economy.
  • Ilan Ramon Day School encourages celebration. For some students and their families, our school is the only community with whom they celebrate Jewish holidays. For others, this education and support provides a renewed excitement and encourages a love and a desire for connection, celebration, community and observance.

I deeply thank you for your support of Ilan Ramon Day School and appreciate your thoughtfulness in making a meaningful commitment to our campaign this year.

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